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Several questions have come in from the field regarding Naval Officer Billet Classification (NOBC) Codes. The purpose of this article is to provide general guidance and points of contact for NOBC requests. NOBC requests are governed by BUPERINST 1001.39D and NAVPERS 15839I, the Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications. Part C of the manual specifically address NOBCs.

NOBCs identify officer billet requirements and officer occupational experience acquired through billet experience or through a combination of education and experience. The key word here is experience. In order to receive an NOBC, you must have experience in the particular area. One may receive the NOBC after serving in the billet for approximately 6 - 12 months.

An NOBC provides a general description of duties performed in a billet. It is not meant to cover every duty required of the job nor is every duty listed necessarily a requirement of the billet. Similarly, an NOBC in an officer’s record does not necessarily indicate that the officer has experience in every duty listed in the definition. An NOBC entered in an officer’s record reflects experience acquired as a result of performance in a billet or, in some instances, a combination of experience and education related to the billet’s requirement.

A combination of experience and education gained through different tours of duty, reserve participation, and applicable civilian experience, certified by designated authority is a basis for updating the classification in an officer’s record. Certification is the operative word here. An officer’s application must contain supporting evidence of the experience. Supporting evidence may include fitness reports, award citations, completed course certificates and letters from civilian supervisors.

Many have asked how are packages evaluated. Packages are routed from Code 62 to the respective OJAG code that is the subject matter expert on the NOBC requested. Qualifying military or civilian experience and education is reviewed in assessing whether to provide an applicant a positive endorsement for the NOBC. For example, Code 10 specifically examines the following factors when evaluating a request for the NOBC 2529 (International Law Attorney):

1) Primary Factor: Work experience -- active, reserve, or civilian -- in an international or operational law assignment lasting six or more months. SJA assignments overseas (including substantial periodic assignment as a fill-in) for a command that does significant overseas engagement (e.g., CFFC, NAVSOUTH, SOUTHCOM, JIATF) or for the fleet (e.g., ARG or CV) are usually sufficient for approval. NLSC assignments overseas require explanation to show that the individual has been involved in the area of international law, i.e., foreign claims, foreign criminal jurisdiction trial observer, and involvement in a liaison capacity with local foreign officials.

2) Secondary Factor: Education -- either Navy courses or more formal education. Typically, education alone is not sufficient to receive the NOBC, but the extent of the education is considered when making the determination.

Additional key points for submission of your request.

M Include a telephone number, email address and mailing address. Without this information, I am unable to contact you should additional information be required.

M Forward all requests for Legal NOBCs to:

OJAG (Code 62)

Washington Navy Yard
1322 Patterson Avenue SE Suite 3000
Washington DC 20374-5066
202-685-5489 (fax)

M The actually NOBC Codes are entered into an officer’s record by NRPC (N512).

POC: YN1 Bridgett Pittman
DSN 678-1824

M It is imperative that the officer submitting the request, follow-up on their request. Some requests have been found lost in Reserve Centers.


From: Rank, Name, SSN/Designator
To: OJAG Code 62
Via: (1) Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve Unit


Ref: (a) BUPERSINST 1001.39D
(b) NAVPERS 15839I, Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications

Encl: (a) Supporting Documentation, such as fitreps, award citations, and course certificates

1. Per references (a) and (b), I request assignment of NOBC (specify number and description from reference (b)).

2. Military schooling appropriate to this NOBC: (Provide course title, number, dates, and location, both active duty and active points credited.)

3. Military correspondence courses appropriate to this NOBC: (provide title, number, date completed, and number of retirement points credited.)

4. Practical experience appropriate to this NOBC:

    a. Active Duty: (provide dates, locations, billets or duties that are appropriate to this NOBC.)

    b. Annual Training (AT)/Active Duty for Training (ADT): (Provide dates, locations, and duties appropriate to this NOBC.)

    c. Inactive duty experience: (indicate experience gained during drills, Inactive Duty Training Travel, etc., relating to this NOBC.)

5. Other information supporting the request, as appropriate.


(Signature of Member and Contact Information)

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